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Double Sphere Threaded Union Rubber Expansion Joint

Female threaded ends make installation of these Threaded Union Molded Rubber Expansion Joints (Series AMU) easier. Reduce noise and vibration with these expansion joints designed to absorb movement efficiently.

API Part Number Size Face To Face Dimensions Allowable Motion Ratings*
Allowable Motion Ratings*
Allowable Motion Ratings*
Allowable Motion Ratings*
Approximate Weight
AMU0050-XX 0.5 8 0.875 0.250 0.875 45⁰ 1.50 Lbs
AMU0075-XX 0.75 8 0.875 0.250 0.875 45⁰ 1.80 Lbs
AMU0100-XX 1 8 0.875 0.250 0.875 45⁰ 2.75 Lbs
AMU0125-XX 1.25 8 0.875 0.250 0.875 45⁰ 3.50 Lbs
AMU0150-XX 1.5 8 0.875 0.250 0.875 45⁰ 4.00 Lbs
AMU0200-XX 2 8 0.875 0.250 0.875 45⁰ 5.00 Lbs


Efficient noise and vibration isolation. Ability to absorb large displacement due to eccentric, axial, and angular movement. Applicable for both suction and discharge. Female Threaded Unions allow for easy installation.


Vibration isolation for small pumps and circular pumps. Sewage disposal purifier line. Vibration isolation for air-conditioners and pipes.


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The flanges are exactly in line with our requirement technically and competitive commercially.
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This product is exactly in line with our requirement technically and competitive commercially.

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